Company Vision

  • •Implement customer-oriented performance management to create competitive advantages for products and services
  • •Pursue continuous improvement to meet customer needs
  • •On the basis of the original 3C industry, we will focus on developing our own brand customers and products
  • •Develop new processes to increase added value
  • •Import automation equipment to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • •Facing Networking’s 5G business opportunities: strengthen router product development
  • •With the improvement of the public's awareness of cleaning and disinfection, automatic cleaning and disinfection machines will become the preferred popular product, and the production of this series of products will be increased.
  • •Global electric energy vehicles are fully introduced. With the improvement of global environmental protection awareness, the market prospect of new energy products is bright, and increasing the development and mass production of such products.

Company history

Company Events
2003/12The company was formally established
2003/12Logah Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established with a registered capital of 400 million NT dollars and a paid-in capital of 100 million NT dollars
2004/04Acquired ISO 9001 quality system certification
2004/04Import ERP system
2004/7Lead-free LCD TV Inverter production begins
2004/7Handle a cash capital increase of 100 million NT dollars and increase the paid-in capital to 200 million NT dollars
2004/08Subsidiary Logah Brunei was established
2004/12Approved by the Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to invest in the Suzhou plant in mainland China
2005/01LCD TV Inverter Receives Panel Manufacturer Certification
2005/08Execute a cash capital increase of 180 million NT dollars, and the paid-in capital increased to 380 million NT dollars
2005/10Official production in Suzhou plant
2006/05Acquired ISO 14000 Environmental System Certification
2006/07The registered capital was changed to 1 billion NT dollars, and the cash capital increase was 420 million NT dollars at the same time, and the paid-in capital was increased to 800 million NT dollars
2006/09Introduced strategic alliance partner Lite-On Technology Co., Ltd. and participated in the operation of the board of directors
2007/07Win first place of 2004~2006 Technology Fast50 Taiwan area
2007/08The capital increase of 91.8 million NT dollars was processed through the transfer of surplus, and the paid-in capital was increased to 891.8 million NT dollars
2007/10emerging stock market listing
2007/11Approved by the Investment Review Council of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to invest in Suzhou Lippo Electronics Co., Ltd.
2007/11Subsidiary Logah Technology (HK) Co., Ltd. was established
2007/12Won the second place in the Asia Pacific region of 2004~2006 Technology Fast50
2008/01Sub-subsidiary company Suzhou Lippo was established
2008/06Increase the total capital to 2 billion NT dollars
2008/08Managed surplus and employee bonuses to increase capital by NT$ 104.55 million
2008/08Approved by the Securities and Futures Bureau for listing
2009/03Executed a cash capital increase of 132 million NT dollars, and the paid-in capital increased to 1,106.35 million NT dollars
2009/03Officially listed
2009/09A cash capital increase of 21,085,580 NT dollars was processed, and the paid-in capital increased to 1,127,430,580 NT dollars
2010/10The case of the Board of Directors approved the purchase of a new office by Zhubei headquarters
2011/03Zhubei headquarters moved to a new office: 3rd Floor, 5th Floor, No. 36 Taiyuan Street, Zhubei City
2012/02PV Inverter passed the latest German VDE certification VDE-AR-N 4105 passed IEC 62109-1-2 certification
2012/03PV Inverter is ROHS certified
2014/05Established the brand division
2014/09Subsidiary Leyang was established
2014/10Sub-subsidiary company Legend Samoa established
2014/12Sub-subsidiary company Legend Samoa acquired 100% equity of Suzhou Longdeng
2016/05Subsidiary Longden Electronics moved to a new factory on Youming Road
2016/07The Industry category of the headquarters was changed from "Optoelectronics" to "Electronic Components Industry"
2016/10Subsidiary Suzhou Logah Consolidated Subsidiary Suzhou Lippo
Suzhou Longdeng Plant has obtained the third-level enterprise certification of safety production standardization
2018/03Suzhou Longdeng Plant completed the upgrading and renovation project of the spraying workshop
2018/03Suzhou Longdeng Factory completed the 16949 conversion certification, and the old version of TS16949 was renamed IATF16949
2018/09Apply for capital reduction to make up for losses and reduce capital by 497,006,420 NT dollars (49,700,642 shares, with a capital reduction ratio of 44.08310621%), and the capital after the completion of the change registration is 630,424,160 NT dollars
2019/01Suzhou Longdeng Factory was awarded the title of Suzhou Municipal Safe Enterprise
2019/04Suzhou Longdeng Plant purchased blow molding machines and introduced blowing base molding technology
2019/05Suzhou Longdeng Plant purchased 4 double-material injection molding machines (180T*1, 210T*1, 250T*1, 400T*1)
2019/09Suzhou Longdeng Factory introduces multi-color printing technology
2019/10The VOCs injection molding machine exhaust gas collection system of Suzhou Longdeng Plant has been accepted and put into use
2019/11Suzhou Longdeng Factory was awarded the title of Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise in Wujiang District
2019/12Suzhou Longdeng Factory passed the second-level construction and acceptance of safety production standardization in Jiangsu Province.
2020/01Obtained 7 national utility new patent certificates.
awarded the title of "Hundred Thousand Project" Demonstration Enterprise of Safety Production in Wujiang District
2020/03Suzhou Longdeng Factory Workshop One Upgraded Human-Machine Separation Clean Room
2020/04Mass production of biotechnology automatic hand sanitizer/automatic disinfectant machine series products in Suzhou Longdeng Factory
2020/05The plastic injection workshop of Suzhou Longdeng Plant is optimized, and the man-machine separation operation is adopted
2020/06Suzhou Longdeng Plant won the title of High Stability Precision Display Housing Engineering Technology Research Center
2020/08Suzhou Longdeng Plant was awarded the High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Talent Pool
2020/09The company acquired 100% equity of Junhui Technology Co., Ltd.
2020/10Suzhou Longdeng Plant cooperated with Xiaowei Biological Technology Co., Ltd to introduce Weizhi Technology Co., Ltd. to enter Suzhou Longdeng Industrial Park
2020/12Handle the private placement cash capital increase of 100 million dollars, and the paid-in capital after the change of registration is 930,424,160 dollars
2020/12Suzhou Longdeng Plant was awarded the Demonstration Enterprise of Lease Plant by Wujiang District Emergency Management Bureau
2021/02Suzhou Longdeng Plant was awarded the Amazon Factory Information Security Management System License
2021/03Suzhou Longdeng Plant optimizes and upgrades the spray paint factory, and introduces the water-based UV process
2021/04In response to the requirements of the Chinese government's Blue Sky Program (VOC), the Chang'an Road Spray Paint Factory was upgraded (can spray low VOC oil-based paint, water-based paint and UV paint)
2021/09Group resource integration, acquisition of Suzhou Ruideng Technology Co., Ltd.